highly sensitive supremacist

by Fat Transfer

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released May 11, 2011



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Fat Transfer Oakland

Fat Transfer (2003-2011) is the former project of Tieraney Carter.

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for her current project Wizard Apprentice

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Track Name: bliss is a set up
i'm so scared this feeling will never end
my defenses say, "bliss is a set up for pain"
do you navigate the world with a fragile heart?
do you feel like every corner hides a new unimaginable horror?
Track Name: giving up
where is the sunshine where is the warmth in my heart where is the light in the dark that fading light giving up i'm exhausted by the work i'm not seeing any results i'm exhausted by the work i'm not seeing any results
Track Name: now you're back
*Sample: pirhana plant song by Koji Kondo

the THC laying dormant in your fat awoke to attack your tender nervous system on your sixth day of sleeplessness or maybe it was just sleeplessness either way you snapped and now you're back i know we're not meant to be together and i know you should do what you want but i want you to be healthy and i want you to be with me
Track Name: i see a path to the future
her hair is like a crown
i want to sit in her lap
oh sturdy shoulders, strong jawline, soft eyes

i see a path to the future

I felt my heart grow hotter, larger
i'm hiding behind politeness
paralyzed with uncertainty and admiration
Track Name: resist the pressure to dichotomize your emotions
cry as much as you like
pain is not a deviation from the norm
happiness is not a superior emotion
don't demonize those other precious messengers
do not subscribe to obligatory positivity
resist the pressure to dichotomize your emotions
resist the pressure to dichotomize your emotions
Track Name: we r enemies
is it true that people love and fuck and move on? well fuck u. this isn't mtv u can't treat people so irresponsibly at least not me at least not without suffering my ugliness

we r enemies
i have strong sensitive sensibilities and anyone that careless could be nothing more than a threat to my well being.

we r enemies
i refuse to be misled by empathy. i refuse to protect u from pain that apologies can't diffuse. pain tearing through my body trying to get to u. i refuse to prevent u from witnessing the unfortunate consequences of hurting me.

we r u enemies
luckily, all this mourning means that something will be dead soon
my heart is reluctant to kill but is thorough when it has to
one day i will never be able to remember what all of the fuss was about
but till then
we r enemies
Track Name: don't wake up
don't wake up
every morning feels like evening
keep sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and sleeping
oh, there's no one around
who could help you even if they really wanted to
and if they could could you ask for what you really needed?